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The Leader in Dynamic Tendon and Ligament Reconstruction

Tendons and ligaments are designed by nature to perfectly balance our bodies’ needs for flexibility, motion, stability and strength.

Following injury, surgical reconstruction of tendons and ligaments often fails to restore nature’s balance of strength and elasticity. 


This can lead to long recovery times, ongoing pain, loss of function, and subsequent issues such as arthritis and deformity.

Artelon’s dynamic biomaterial was designed by scientific experts to restore natural strength and elasticity to healing tendons and ligaments at the time of surgery - with the goal of getting people back to natural motion, faster and stronger.


Dynamic Innovation

Artelon’s Dynamic Matrix products were designed with STRENGTH and ELASTICITY which affords them three key advantages:

RESTORES Stability and Natural Motion

RESISTS Necrosis

REGENERATES Natural Tissue Through Load-Sharing

Doubles the reconstruction strength without altering stiffness (1)

Stretches like natural tendon and ligament

Permits natural motion

Impervious to necrotic breakdown during the early phase of healing

Maintains 90% of its strength and elasticity through the first year of healing (2)


Less inflammatory than common biocompatible materials (titanium, polystyrene, and resorbable suture (3)

Matrix promotes load sharing with native tissue which induces biological signaling responsible for tissue regeneration(4)

Integrates and is replaced by regenerated tissue over 4-5 years (2)

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Residing at the intersection of biomechanics and biology, Artelon's technologies are uniquely focused on supporting kinematic motion following tendon and ligament reconstruction in the foot and ankle, knee, and shoulder.  

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