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Ankle Instability before repair and augmentation with FLEXBAND

Ankle after repair and augmentation with FLEXBAND

Stability innovations: Getting you back to activity

Designed for Motion
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Strength Defined by Nature

FLEXBAND is designed to significantly enhance the strength of repaired and healing tissue without overdoing it. Our desire is to mimic nature's strength preferences in pursuit of stable motion. Strength with intent.

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Active Stability

Stable motion is the focus. With its patented elastic properties, FLEXBAND is uniquely suited to maintain soft tissue tension throughout active motion without introducing stiffness or constraint. 

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Integrated Regeneration

Ultimately, restored natural tissue is optimal. FLEXBAND was designed with cell specific porosity to rapidly integrate into regenerating tissue without losing its mechanical integrity too quickly. After healing and remodeling, FLEXBAND is fully fully integrated in 4 to 6 years.

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