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The Products

Dynamic Matrix

Artelon’s Dynamic Matrix is a proprietary bio-textile, knitted from polycaprolactone and polyurethane-urea co-polymer fibers. The co-polymer fibers establish a steady 4-6 year dissolution rate, while the knit defines strength, elasticity, and porosity necessary for regenerative ingrowth.

These Dynamic Matrices are available in three clinical forms.


FLEXBAND Plus is our premium product line.  Adding greater value and efficiency to the OR, these FLEXBANDS have integrated size 0 braided polyblend non-absorbable whip-stitching and two free needles to facilitate quick matrix passing and fixation.  These are designed to facilitate augmentation and re-tensioning of soft tissues while minimizing construct bulk.

FLEXBAND Plus can be found in the following sizes:

0.3 x 8cm, 0.3 x 16cm, 0.3 x 32cm

0.5 x 8cm, 0.5 x 16cm, 0.5 x 32cm

0.7 x 8cm, 0.7 x 16cm, 0.7 x 32cm

The FLEXBAND strip is 1.2 mm thick and is commonly utilized in the reconstruction of ligaments and tendons throughout the extremities.  Just like the FLEXBAND Plus, these are specifically designed for augmenting and re-tensioning soft tissues with minimal construct bulk.


Examples include:

Achilles Tendon

Lateral Ankle

Medial Ankle

Plantar Plate

Anterior Tibial Tendon

Posterior Tibial Tendon




FLEXBAND can be found in the following sizes:

0.3 x 8 cm, 0.3 x 16 cm, 0.3 x 32 cm

0.5 x 8 cm, 0.5 x 16 cm, 0.5 x 32 cm

0.7 x 8 cm, 0.7 x 16 cm, 0.7 x 32 cm

The FLEXPATCH is roughly half the thickness of the FlexBand (0.7 mm) and is favored when broad dynamic augmentation is needed.  These are commonly utilized in the reconstruction of tendons and ligament constructs such as:

Knee Extensor Mechanism

Patellar Tendon

Superior Capsule Reconstruction

Hip Abductors/Posterior Capsule


FLEXPATCH can be found in the following sizes:

3 x 4cm

4 x 6cm

6 x 9cm

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