biological restoration

A biomaterial engineered to mimic, and be replaced by, ligament tissue.

Purpose-designed to be capable of quickly integrating with and ultimately replaced by type-1collagen.


dynamic reinforcement

An efficient system and technique specifically built for ankle stabilization. 

Provides tensile strength similar to an intact ATFL, and appropriate elasticity to support motion without constraining it.

UTS vs Intact and Brostrom Bar Graph.jpg
ATFL vs FB Elongation Bar Graph.jpg



surgical simplicity

FB Solo ATFL STG.jpg

& Accessories

P/N 51004

3.85 x 17mm PEEK Anchor (x2)

0.5 x 8cm FLEXBAND Plus Angled

3.85mm Cannulated Drill Bit

1.4mm Guide Wire (x2)

Passing Needle 

P/N 81001

3.85 x 17mm PEEK Anchor

Blue Passing Cap

T8 Driver

P/N 61018 (Individual 3.85mm Drill Bit)

3.85mm Solid Pilot Tip Drill Bit

P/N 61017

3.5 x 12mm PEEK Suture Anchor

30" USP 0 White Suture w/ CT-2 Needles

30" USP 0 White/Blue Suture w/ CT-2 Needles

P/N 61016 (Drill Bit and Guide for ATL Suture Anchor) 

2.5mm Drill Bit

2.5mm Drill Guide

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